Saturday, March 10, 2012


Lent 2, Saturday

Readings: Genesis 43:16-34; Psalm 76; 1 Corinthians 7:10-24; Mark 5:1-20.

So I know that I wrote about food the other day, but I was struck by the image of Joseph and his brothers sharing a meal in the Egyptian palace. I realize that Joseph hasn't revealed himself to his brothers at this point in the story, but it made me think of my own family meals. Currently I'm in the liminal stage in my family, which makes eating situations somewhat complex; I'm not quite a child, and yet I'm not yet ready to join the adult table. What I love about these meals is the conversation--it's not that I remember what exactly is said, but every once in awhile I sit back and soak in the happy din. This is one reason why Christmas is my favorite holiday--because the whole family is gathered at our house, laughing, joking, arguing, teasing, and being merry. It's joyful noise :o)

I imagine that the dinner with Joseph was kind of like a mix between my family's Christmas dinner and the scene from the 1995 movie A Little Princess where the main character and her friend wake up to find a banquet has mysteriously appeared. "I'm a little scared about all of this" the friend says. "Me too," Sarah replies. "Do you think we shouldn't eat it?" "I'm not that scared!" says Becky.

That's what I picture this scene is like: excitement, fear, and joy, all wrapped up into one. Perhaps a preview of the heavenly banquet?

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