Saturday, September 18, 2010

who do you say that i am?

I don't know about anyone else, but I constantly wonder what people think of me. It's something I'm working on, and I have a feeling it will be something I'll work on my whole life. Well, recently some of us have been playing a game where we tried to match up our classmates and professors with Harry Potter characters. It was great fun until I asked them what character they thought I was. They replied that I was Luna Lovegood, obviously. Of course, my insecure self jumped straight to the negative, and the only image I could come up with was of Luna wandering the halls with her glazed-over look, asking Harry if he'd seen her shoes. I protested, but they insisted that I was Luna, and after I had whined a bit one of my friends suggested that I could be Moaning Myrtle instead. Point taken--I shut up.

But for those of you who are fans of Luna, here's why I have been struggling so much with this: my whole life I feel like I have been fighting against the image of the dumb blond. I don't want to be thought of as stupid, and even though I have tried to make light of my occasional airheadedness (by coming up with obliviousmiss as a screen name, for example), it really is a touchy spot with me. And so, when they said that I was Luna, I was crestfallen because the only thing I could think of was that everyone saw me as eccentric and ditsy. But after my friends assured me that it was not meant to be a negative thing and that Luna was actually an amazing character, I decided to go back and do some research. Here is a website that explains her character in depth. For those of you who don't have the time (or interest) in looking at the site, here are some of her qualities:

Luna was placed in Ravenclaw, which means that she's smart.
She has the tendency to say strange things every once in awhile.
She has her own *ahem* sense of style (think lion hat and butterbeer necklace, for instance).
She is fiercely loyal, brave, and perceptive.

After my research, I feel humbled that my friends would see me as Luna. She is eccentric, but she is also smart and fun. Thanks, guys! Sorry for my reaction--no more whining about this from me.

Oh, by the way, has anyone seen my radish earrings?


  1. I'm not so well-versed in HarryPotterese, but I imagine you couldn't find a better last name than Lovegood, and that part is fitting for you :)

  2. Of course you'll always wonder what others think of you: you're human, and social, like all of us. But the more time you spend wondering what other people think, the less time you spend being who you are. And, from what I can tell, alot of us like who you are.

    This dumb blonde stuff has gone on for too long: I've met too many dumb people with hairs of brown, red, black, green, blue, yellow, white, gray, and/or every other color imaginable. Besides, nobody knows about everything, so we are all ignorant about something, no matter how we seem to be.

    As for picking a particular Harry Potter character, I think that it would always be incomplete to pick just one, and have all of the characteristics of that one be all-defining. Most people identify with certain parts of numerous characters in stories like this, and everchanging depending on our current outlook and introspection. Just as far as basics: you have blond hair, Luna and Lovegood remind me of Shine, and I agree that you are smart, loyal, brave, and perceptive. Everyone says strange things sometimes, for that's how new ideas come about. Style should help you feel how you want to feel, not define who you are, and what is considered "in style" seems to change too much for me to put much stock in it.

    Basically, I hope you agree with what a great singer and guitarist once said: "I'll raise my eyes to meet theirs, I'll swallow any of my fears, take a deep breath, then I'll say it's ok to be me."