Monday, September 27, 2010

they say it's your birthday...

I'm a week late, but I felt the need to reiterate how wonderful my birthday was, so here it goes.

Those of you who know me well know that I absolutely LOVE birthdays--and mine, in particular. I still have trouble sleeping the night before, anticipating the wonderful things that will happen the next day. Well, this year I didn't make too many plans. My day started out bright and early with a breakfast cooked by Katie and Josiah Rengers.

The menu: coffee, potatoes, fried eggs, and waffles (made with melted white chocolate chips melted into the batter). A-maz-ing. Katie and I had done a long run the night before (14 miles), so it was the perfect quiet, scrumptious start to my day!

-Katie, me, and Mike in the Rengers' apartment.

The next part of my day was filled with meetings, classes, playing flute and reading for the Eucharist. And, since David Rose and I (and Catherine Hicks) share a birthday, they sang to us at lunch--and I loved it, of course. After all of this was done I took a book outside (Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, if you were curious) and intermittently read and answered a plethora of phone calls--don't worry, Mama, I sat in the shade.

Went to dinner in the refectory and made plans to watch an episode or two of Northern Exposure with the gang later that night--a nice, quiet end to a lovely day.

Well, when 9:10 rolled around I met up with Chase and went over to the "Maywood Mansion" (an old house on campus where some of my friends live) to watch the show. I opened the door, smelled cake and was met with this sight:

SURPRISE!!!! And here was my reaction:

Totally blew my mind! So many people were there to help me celebrate. It was wonderful!!!

I want to thank all of you who left me a facebook message, called, smiled, sang, texted, emailed, hugged, cooked, baked, took pictures or simply kept me in your thoughts and prayers that day. I am blessed beyond comprehension by all of you.

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