Monday, September 27, 2010

not-so-quiet day

Consider this Lara's birthday, part 2.

Every semester we have a Quiet Day that begins and ends with a meditation in the campus chapel. The point is to spend intentional time with God, and as a result classes do not meet. Last year I stayed on campus and spent time journaling and poem-writing. This year, I journeyed with 7 fellow seminarians to Great Falls, Va. We divided into 2 cars: the girls in one and the boys in another. We had a great time listening to music and conversing while dodging traffic (as I attempted to follow Josiah).

We hiked for awhile, talking and laughing some, me lagging behind occasionally to take pictures:

Then we made our way back to the picnic tables and shared a simple meal of egg and chicken salad, homemade pitas, hummus, vegetables, fruit, and chocolate chip cookies. Healthy, vegetarian friendly, and simply scrumptious!

After lunch we walked over to the actual falls:

And here is a group picture taken by a nice guy who happened to walk by:

We finished by playing a little frisbee (interrupted occasionally by groups of people who were doing a scavenger hunt and needed pictures with people playing frisbee for their list).

Another great day! It may not have been quiet, but it was certainly filled with God's presence.

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