Thursday, January 24, 2013

created equal

Just finished reading President Obama's second inaugural address. I was moved by his words, getting goosebumps and even tearing up a bit. I know that the U.S. has its share of problems: the economy, the confusion with health care, job insecurity, gun violence, etc. But compared to here, America seems so vast, so rich, and able to achieve all of its dreams. I know that our politicians are fighting one another and seem not able to get along, but compared to the problems here, it just seems like a simple fight with an easy solution. I wish all of our politicians would come to South Sudan and experience life here: how each day is a struggle and everything is so much more complex, with fewer options available. I know that's an oversimplified view of both sides, but I think after coming here they would realize that the fights they are having are just a waste of time. What matters is working together to make the dreams a reality. It requires compromise, give and take. And we have so much in the U.S. So very, very much, and we take it all for granted. Cars, fridges, money, houses with air conditioning, education, health care (as mixed up as it is), entertainment, phones. I wish I could shake the shoulders of America, wake us up out of our self-serving reverie. I know that there are many people working tirelessly to improve the lives of others. I know that there are people in the states struggling to make ends meet, that have to decide between medicine and food. But overall, we as a country have so much and can do so much more. Because I do believe that all of us are created equal, and that we all deserve a chance to make something of ourselves. And we are called to help each other achieve those dreams. I wish I could give all of the young girls in Maar who told me their dreams (of becoming pilots, priests, teachers, and businesswomen) the chance to realize those dreams. As cliched as it might seem, I hope that even in some small way I can make a difference, and that you will join me in making this world a better place. We can achieve so much when we work together. Who's with me?

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